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  • Full Name:Jonas Ampferl
  • Email:Jonas@ampferl.com
  • Website:ampferl.com

My name is Jonas and I am 20 years old. I've been programming with Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java and C++ for more than 6 years now. I'm very interested in technology topics like open source, blockchain and cryptography.

I also love to take pictures and draw sometimes too.

Web Development

Software Development

Penetration Testing

System Administration

Process Automation

Cyber Security



Some of my projects


Hackathon Mobile Learning

A concept for a mobile learning platform with the possibility to learn in groups or alone under the aspect gamification

27.03.2020 - 29.03.2020

Hackathon WirVsVirus - E-Edu

In 48 hours 1,500 solutions were developed during the #WirVsVirus Hackathon. Our team worked on an e-learning platform.

  • 48h
  • +40
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since 23.03.2021


Simple kernel written in C++. Including simple PCI, mouse and keyboard support. Able to load fonts and draw stuff to the screen.

since 28.10.2019


JPL is a own lightweight and very young Programming Language written in Python

March 2020


A bootable operating system, to learn how an OS works


Theme Recommendation Engine

Concept for a theme recommendation engine.

  • 5h
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May 2020

Carbon Programming Language

Carbon is a own Programming Language written in C

  • 40h
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April 2020

Simple Road Line Detection

Simple road detection with Python and OpenCV

  • 10h
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August - December 2020


Advanced Data Prediction and Calculation Engine

  • +200h
  • +30k
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March 2018 - today

ONPX Dev-Kit

A collection of own APIs for developing applications. Currently including a singel sign-on, forms, role & right management, logging and a content delivery network.

  • +800h
  • +80k
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August - December 2020


Electronic Control Unit Flash Calculator based on the @APC-Engine

  • +500h
  • +100k
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October 2020

AVC (=Another Version Control)

Reimplementation of Git in Python

  • ~10h
  • ~1000
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